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Industrial fluids are integral to any manufacturing process.

Industrial fluids are integral to any manufacturing process. Cutting fluids, hydraulic fluids, coolants, cleaners, lubricants and metalworking fluids play a big role in your operations — and there are a lot of options available on the market.  

Toronto-based Rotem Industrial Products houses a wide selection of industrial fluids from key chemical companies that have designed the best compound solutions for industrial applications. 

Master Chemical, for example, has been Rotem’s partner since 1963. Master Chemical is a world-recognized leader in metalworking fluids for a variety of cutting and grinding applications. Its products include: TRIM brand cutting fluids; Master STAGES surface cleaners; and RP corrosion inhibitors.

Another partner, ChemArrow, offers a complete line of industrial lubricants, metalworking liquids and chemical products. Products include: waylubes for increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs; hydraulic fluids produced to meet the requirements of hydraulic pumps and provide them with oil stability and lubricity; and cutting fluids, including high performance coolants and cutting oils.

Filtermist has been providing quality air cleaners and mist filters for more than 40 years, including air cleaners to maintain your facility at the high end of industry standards; and high performance smoke and mist filters. 

Eriez has been providing world-class filtration solutions for nearly 30 years, including yellow bellied sump suckers for cleaning metal chips out of the machinery; and Xybex fluid recycle systems.

For more information on hydraulic fluids, coolants, cleaners, lubricants, metalworking fluids and more, contact Rotem Industrial Products.


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