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Johnston Machinery Sales provides cartridge-free dust collection systems for every application.

Trying to convince your boss that the sudden symphony of sneezing isn’t a bout of seasonal allergies?

The absence of clean air is detrimental to the health, safety and output of employees in an office environment. Employee efficiency in the workplace should be a high priority for a boss of any company.

While many businesses need to upgrade their office air ventilation systems, few do. Good air quality and circulation is directly associated with the amount of dust particles that circulate within a building’s internal venting system.

Dust collection systems use commercial and industrial mechanisms to collect dust, impurities and other irritants from the air, thus improving its quality.

Johnston Machinery Sales provides cartridge-free dust collection systems for every application.

Proper and effective dust collection is essential in any enclosed working environment. Repeat exposure to dust triggers acute and chronic flu-like symptoms such as colds, bronchitis or emphysema.

Sell your boss on these four benefits for him or her to consider an upgrade to their dust collection and air ventilation systems.


Employee productivity skyrockets when working in a safer, cleaner environment, which contributes to increased job satisfaction, higher employee retention and a boost in employee morale.


When employees work in a clean environment, they are healthier, happier and can perform at their peak. A healthier office environment results in less time off by employees due to illness or workplace injuries.


Professional grade dust control collectors, extractors and extraction systems can cut overall maintenance costs, thereby generating a higher return of investment on the unit and prolonging its life.


The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) designation on our dust collector units verify the consistent standard of excellence in its filtration design assuring the utmost in workplace health and safety.

Johnston Machinery Sales is your one-stop shop to achieve all these benefits and more as your dust-free solution for any corporate or commercial workspace.

We manufacture industrial and commercial dust collectors, extractors and extraction systems designed to improve air quality and assist in creating a contaminant-free environment.

Johnston Machinery Sales offers more than 600 standard units of dust collection and extraction systems:

  • DUSTKOP Self-Contained Recirculating Dust Collectors (1 and 2-stage Cyclone Collectors)
  • Exhauster and After-Filter Combinations
  • FILTERKOP (Fabric Filer Baghouse Systems
  • MISTKOP (Coolant/Mist Collectors)
  • CHIP-MIST Collectors
  • After-Filter with Pull-Thru Exhausters
  • Downdraft Tables
  • Exhauster and After-Filter Combinations

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