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Redirack offers a variety of safety products such as racking protection.

As Canada’s largest warehouse racking company, Redirack is known for its storage solutions. But the company also provides a range of safety products. Redirack’s offerings include safety bars, wire mesh decks, guard rails, safety netting, safety clips and pins, and racking protection.

Safety bars

Safety bars (also referred to as cross bars, skid supports or pallet bar supports) play a vital role in storage system safety. They prevent misplaced pallets from falling through horizontal beams. Two types of safety bars are available from Redirack: the hookover or drop-in style for use with box beams, and the clip-in or snap-in style for use with stepped beams.

Wire mesh decks

Redirack is the exclusive Canadian supplier for wire mesh decking from Nashville Wire Products. Each mesh deck has a rated capacity exceeding 2,000 pounds UDL (uniformed distributed load). They can protect employees and products, increase visibility, and improve fire safety by enhancing the performance of overhead sprinklers.

Racking protection

Heavy-duty rack protectors are available featuring all-steel construction and safety-yellow powder coating. Redirack offers both end-of-aisle protectors and upright post protectors. They will protect racking from hits by lift trucks and pallet loads.

Guard rails

Redirack supplies guard rails in a variety of sizes. They are typically used for the protection of equipment, walls, offices, drop-off areas, machinery, conveyor equipment, electrical equipment and pedestrian walkways. 

Rack guards and column protectors

Redirack offers Protect-It products, including rack guards and column protectors. Protect-It rack guards are made using computer-aided engineering and advanced thermoplastics to offer many benefits. The guards securely grip the racking so there’s no need for separate fasteners.

For the protection of building columns, Redirack can supply the Protect-It Maxi. This protector is flexible enough to handle everyday bumps and knocks, yet it is tough enough to handle substantial impacts from forklifts. Protect-It products are low cost and can fit all racking and column types.

Safety clips and pins

The fasteners on box beams and step beams are extremely important to the safety of pallet racking. That’s because they prevent beam uplift and dislodgement that can be unintentionally caused by lift trucks. Redirack can supply replacement clips, pins and other pallet racking fasteners.

More details

For more information on the safety products and wide range of storage solutions available from Redirack, visit the company website.


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