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A lifting system engineered, manufactured and installed by ELS Increased productivity and decreased worker injury for the customer.

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment (ELS) is known for its extensive experience, as well as its ability to tackle any job while delivering excellent results. From increased productivity to decreased injury, customers across the country are experiencing the advantages of an ELS engineered solution.

Tackling difficult jobs

A manufacturer of custom store fixtures and visual merchandising products is one of the many companies who has turned to ELS for a quality solution. When it reached out to ELS, this company’s manufacturing process had many inefficiencies. At the time, the process required sheet and plate materials, as large as five feet by 10 feet and up to ½-inch thick, to be lifted on and off of a laser cutting machine. Several workers were required to do the lifting, which had a risk of worker injury and physical strain. If a fork truck was required to handle the heavier sheet and plate loads, production was slowed while waiting for the fork truck to became available. A lifting solution was required to address these inefficiencies and reduce the risk of worker injury.

Finding the right solution

A lifting system engineered, manufactured and installed by ELS was the answer. For this application, the system consisted of a combination of a column-mounted Mentor Wall Bracket Tie Rod Style Jib Crane, a Kito Electric Chain Hoist, and a Trolley with an Anver Mechanical Vacuum Lifter mounted to it. A steel support column was floor-mounted with upper tie-off to roof trusses for bracing. The Tie Rod Style Jib was mounted on the corner of a steel support column, allowing the 18-foot boom to have a 250-degree radial rotation. A tagline system on the boom served to manage the power cable for the Kito Hoist. An Anver Self-Powering Mechanical Vacuum Lifter was suspended from the boom and is self-powering.

Delivering results

Since installation, the customer reports an increase in productivity. The operation is now completed by a single operator, which allows other personnel to be reassigned to different tasks. Additionally, the laser table load and unload operations are now an independent workstation that can accomplish transfers at any time. Worker injury has also been reduced due to significantly decreased manual lifting

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