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Wainbee’s pneumatic lubricant line includes three options.

Using the proper air line treatment can increase the life of pneumatic equipment by up to seven years. That’s why Wainbee offers three types of lubricants for use with air lines, pneumatic tools, pneumatic valves, cylinders and hoists in diverse industries and environments. The company wants to ensure that the best treatment is available so that its customers can experience increased tool life and optimal pneumatic system performance. 

Three choices

Wainbee’s pneumatic lubricant line includes an option for food grade applications, a “green” option, and one designed for use in cold temperatures. 

  • The company’s Virtually Non-Toxic (VNT) Pneumatic Oil is suitable for all industries and applications in operating temperatures above four degrees C (40 degrees F). The oil offers many benefits, including superior lubrication and high misting. Plus, it’s a healthier choice thanks to its non-toxic properties. Most pneumatic lubricants on the market are hydraulic oils, which are not considered a healthy option.
  • Wainbee’s Food Grade Lubricant is government approved for use in all Canadian and U.S. food plants because it meets all of their required standards. It is the ideal choice for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care product manufacturing industries.
  • Polar-Lube is the company’s air line antifreeze/lubricant, designed to protect pneumatic components from freezing. It is recommended for temperatures below four degrees C (40 degrees F), and can be used in temperatures as low as -50 degrees C (-60 degrees F). This makes it the ideal choice for unheated and outdoor applications, including military, mills, mines, construction, pipeline, forestry and petrochemical applications, to name a few. It can be used to lubricate air lines, pneumatic tools, air hoists, valves, automatic door cylinders on buildings and transportation vehicles. Polar-Lube is compatible with all lubricators, including those with new polycarbonate and nylon sight glass components. In addition, it can be easily replaced once warmer temperatures arrive. The user can simply drain Polar-Lube from the lubricator (storing it for use later) and replace it with Wainbee’s VNT oil. 

Click here to watch a demonstration of Polar-Lube.

More information

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