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Henkel's MRO Workshop is a customizable, in-plant training program that finds and fixes inefficiencies — and improves plant profitability.

For industrial maintenance professionals interested in eliminating mechanical failures and reducing redundant maintenance practices, Henkel Corporation now offers a customizable, in-plant training program that finds and fixes inefficiencies — and improves plant profitability. 

Henkel’s MRO Workshops are designed to train reliability and maintenance engineers, managers, supervisors and technicians on new ways to lower maintenance costs and increase the reliability of their equipment. Using proven Loctite maintenance solutions, these workshops have been known to generate significant savings on annual maintenance costs for manufacturers. 

How it works

Prior to the MRO Workshop, plant maintenance professionals meet with Henkel technical representatives to conduct a plant survey. In this survey, Henkel representatives learn about the company’s current preventive maintenance programs and identify any ongoing challenges or problems that hinder production. 

Henkel representatives look for ways to increase quality and productivity, minimize downtime and leakage, enhance plant safety, extend useful life of equipment, lower assembly and warranty costs, make maintenance tasks easier and faster, and eliminate redundant practices by doing tasks completely the first time. 

After the plant survey, the maintenance team reconvenes with Henkel technical representatives in the MRO Workshop. During the workshop, Henkel technical representatives focus on mechanical basics and failure fundamentals, identifying specific ways for the plant to realize time savings, energy cost reductions, and safety and reliability improvements, based on learnings from the plant survey.

Customized topics

Topics addressed in the workshop are customized for the plant’s specific maintenance needs, and can include:

  • eliminating threaded fastener failure using threadlockers;
  • eradicating air and fluid leaks with thread and hydraulic sealants;
  • replacing cut gaskets with long-lasting formed-in-place materials; 
  • anticipating problems with spun bearings by using retaining compounds;
  • using coatings to prevent wear and restore worn parts;
  • rebuilding and repairing metal components and shafts;
  • preventing injury with anti-slip floor coatings;
  • lubrication basics;
  • flooring and concrete repair;
  • adhesive bonding; 
  • grouting basics; 
  • belt repair; and
  • emergency repairs.

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