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NISCO carries a wide selection of backward-inclined fans.

Fans account for a large percentage of energy consumption in HVAC systems. Some statistics point to as much as 40 per cent. But there are a number of ways to improve the performance and efficiency of fan systems, and reduce energy consumption at the same time.

Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO) says it is all about an efficient design and better strategies for control. The leading provider of HVAC solutions offers this advice:

  • Use a variable frequency drive. A variable frequency drive (VFD) adjusts the speed of an electric motor based on load. For most applications, implementing a VFD improves performance and reduces energy consumption.
  • Take a look at the belt drive. With a belt drive, there is a considerable loss of efficiency. Just how much is lost depends on the type of belt, complete gear adjustment and the calculation of the belt gear, explains NISCO. Under normal circumstances, according to the company, efficiency is 90 per cent when running at medium power. However, if there is an incorrect gear adjustment, efficiency can slip to as low as 60 per cent. To boost performance, NISCO suggests that any newly designed air handling unit should avoid fans that are belt-driven, and instead use direct-driven-type fans that offer 100 per cent transmission efficiency.
  • Consider an aerodynamic design. In a fan, dynamic pressure loss is expected. However, the aerodynamics on the fan hood is what dictates the actual amount of loss. A well-designed fan hood will give less dynamic pressure loss compared to a chamber, NISCO explains.
  • Look at the fan wheel blades. Performance can often be improved by the design of the blades on the fan wheel. Efficiency up to 85 per cent can be achieved by using blades that curve backwards (wheel type B), the company says.

Indeed, the fan in HVAC systems is a critical component to the unit's overall efficiency, which is why NISCO carries a wide selection of fans. According to the company, a centrifugal fan without casing and with backward-curved blades will provide the best performance for air handling units.

To learn about the company's lineup of fans, including its selection of backward-inclined units, contact NISCO.


Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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