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Proper grinding fluid selection and application is critical to the grinding process.

Grinding fluids play an essential role in the grinding process. They reduce the effects of friction, remove heat from the work area, and increase material removal. A wide variety of grinding fluids are available, but it's important to choose one that suits the application and the material.

Rotem Industrial Products is a great source for industrial fluids. The company supplies a full range of fluids, and its website provides helpful information on grinding fluid selection and application.

Grinding fluids

Selecting the right grinding fluid can help improve productivity, reduce costs and provide high-quality results. Fluid reduces the friction in the grinding process through lubrication, whether with oil or through chemical lubricity. The fluid may be used to reduce friction between surfaces or decrease shear stress when cutting. In addition, the fluid acts as a coolant. While water-based type coolants offer better capability to transfer heat, even oil has some cooling capability.

The right fluid can boost productivity by allowing increased material removal rates without damaging the surface of the workpiece. In addition to the application and material, fluid selection is also determined by the kind of grinding wheel and wheel dressing.

Fluid application

The method of fluid application is just as important. As opposed to bathing the entire area with fluid, the fluid should be applied where it's most needed. To ensure high-quality final parts, the fluid should be delivered into the cutting point, in the right volume, and with the appropriate velocity.

The point of contact between the grinding wheel and workpiece should be examined to ensure fluid is delivered to the cutting point properly. When it comes to velocity, to get the maximum benefit, the fluid should be moving at least as fast as the tool to the point of cut. When fluid is delivered properly, it will wet the workpiece and wheel intensively, and provide ideal lubricity.

For more information, visit Rotem's website.


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