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Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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Expansion joints must be installed properly for optimal performance.

HOLZ Rubber Company expansion joints, available in Canada from NISCO (Northern Industrial Supply Co.), are known for their high quality and reliability. However, for customers to get the best performance out of these joints, they must be installed properly.

Case in point

A children’s hospital in southern California had limited access to hot water in certain sections of the hospital due to a leaking hot water pipe. The cause: an expansion joint leak at the flange connection. A HOLZ representative evaluated the pipe and determined that the leak was the result of incorrect expansion joint installation. More specifically, the bolts used to connect the expansion joint to the pipe were over torqued during installation, causing excessive compression of the expansion joint flange. The over compression caused the leak. To fix the problem, HOLZ shipped a new 320M expansion joint to the hospital, along with the recommended torque settings. Once the new expansion joint was installed correctly, the hot water returned.

Another example comes from a manufacturer. Its expansion joint prematurely failed due to torsional misalignment on bag filter flanges. The company’s existing flanges were misaligned, which created a twist in the expansion joint during installation. This twist caused material to fold over on itself, creating hot spots that ultimately caused premature failure. In addition, the existing expansion joint was not designed to handle the operating temperature. To solve this problem, HOLZ Rubber Company supplied its HRPL7 expansion joint to handle the high temperatures, and the end-user was instructed that they should align their piping to ensure a proper life cycle of the expansion joint.

A leading supplier

NISCO can supply a selection of expansion joints from HOLZ Rubber Company. The lineup includes piping, flue duct, high-temperature and metal expansion joints.

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Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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