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Split tube furnaces simplify installation and changes of process tubes.

Process Heaters can supply eXPRESS-LINE laboratory furnaces from Thermcraft. This product range includes a variety of tube furnaces, box furnaces, ashing furnaces, accessories and control systems. The eXPRESS-LINE furnaces can be supplied in standard quick-ship designs to meet urgent requirements.

Tube furnaces

They include split tube furnaces such as the XST - 1200 degrees C split tube furnaces. These furnaces have a hinged body with a split along the length, making process tube installation and changes easy. Process tubes can be installed with the end seals attached. For the heating elements, they use Fibercraft vacuum formed ceramic fibre elements and free radiating wire that is embedded in the heater body. It is possible to use multiple process tube sizes with a single furnace thanks to removable and interchangeable tube adapters.

Box furnaces

Also available are box furnaces such as the XSB - 1400-1600 degrees C  box furnaces. These furnaces feature a hinged vertical lift door that always keeps the hot door insulation facing away from operators. In addition, as soon as the door is opened, a safety switch interrupts power to the heating elements. XSB furnaces use free-radiating dual-helix silicon carbide heating elements. These furnaces also make it easy to replace any component that might wear out, including the heating elements, furnace chamber, hearth plate and chamber threshold.

Ashing furnaces

The XSB ashing furnaces create the ideal conditions for complete combustion of test samples. They can be used for ashing coal, food, plastics, petrochemicals and other hydrocarbons. These furnaces have wound wire heating elements with hard ceramic plates for protection.

Control system

The controller available for eXPRESS-LINE furnaces is the SmartControl system. In a single device, it provides all of the capabilities of typical PID controllers, video or chart recorders, and data logging systems. The SmartControl standard controller has a 4.3-inch colour touchscreen and supports up to 10 control zones with up to four control outputs per zone.

For more information on eXPRESS-Line laboratory furnaces, visit the Process Heaters website.


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