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A variety of continuous level measurement products are available from Thermo-Kinetics.

Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control can supply a range of continuous level measurement products from Hawk. The selection available includes models that use various measurement technologies to suit different applications.

Acoustic wave technology

The Sultan 234 is a level sensor that emits an acoustic wave pulse that gets reflected by the surface of the material that is being measured. Specially developed software is used to process and enhance the signal while rejecting false echoes. When compared to traditional ultrasonic devices, this sensor uses an acoustic wave with higher power that ensures minimal signal loss.

Sonar level system

The Orca Sonar Series of transducers use a high-power acoustic pulse, which reflects from a selected interface density. It is capable of measuring "RAS" and "BED" levels thanks to special algorithms that can eliminate stratified layers and lighter floating densities. This sensor can also be set to measure light densities such as "FLOC", or provide a "CLARITY" output signal.

Sludge or submerged surface

The Sultan Sonar is a powerful low frequency transducer that is capable of penetrating suspended solids and measuring sludge bed levels. This transducer can produce a frequency and power level to suit the density of the interface and the process conditions. It will provide reliable performance for applications such as controlling pumps.

Guided radar

Guided Radar level sensors from Hawk can measure liquids, powders and granules with a range of 20 metres. These sensors can be used to measure practically any product with a dielectric constant (Dk) over 1.3. They will not be affected by viscosity, foam, dust, temperature, vacuum, coating of the probe, or changes in dielectric constant.

For more information on the wide range of measurement products available from Thermo-Kinetics, visit the company’s website.


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