REDwire Hytrol sorter safely and efficiently moves medium-sized packages

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The ProSort MRT transports medium-sized products on its multiple narrow belts.

Hytrol’s ProSort MRT is a sorter designed to safely and efficiently move medium-sized items. Available in Canada through Norpak Handling, an authorized Hytrol distributor, this sorter offers many best-in-class features and advantages that make it an easy choice for many sorting applications.

Key features

The ProSort MRT transports medium-sized products — no heavier than 75 pounds each, or longer than 28 inches — on its multiple narrow belts. It features rollers that pop up between the belts to transfer items at right angles to the sorter. Close transfer locations are possible, as well as flexible sort locations. The sorter also features a HyPower Distributed Cabling System, which supplies distributed power to the transfer motors.

This unit also has high sort rates, though the actual speed is determined by the application’s requirements, including the package size and weight. The maximum conveyor load is anywhere from 1,200 to 2,400 pounds, depending on the number of belts and the overall width.

Additional offerings

The ProSort line of products also includes ProSort 121, 122, 131 and 132 high-speed sorters, as well as ProSort 421 and 422 sorters, where higher speeds are required and close divert centers are not so critical. ProSort 431 and 432 sorters are also available to sort products at a 30-degree angle, where close divert centers are required.

To learn more about the full line of Hytrol products available, contact Norpak Handling.


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