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Norpak Handling is the ideal supplier for Hytrol conveyors.

Norpak Handling offers a wide selection of sortation conveyors and systems from Hytrol, a leading name in conveyor technologies. These systems can handle a wide range of products in applications involving any singulating, diverting and sortation processes.

The lineup includes:

  • ViperSort. This right angle sortation conveyor is used to sort small to medium-sized products, including cylindrical products, extremely thin items, vinyl envelopes and other problematic items. It is available in three widths, ranging from 13-¼ inches to 19-¼ inches, and can handle packages up to 25 pounds each.
  • ProSort 121, 122, 131 and 132. The ProSort 100 family of sorters are designed for high-speed applications where product diverting needs to be both positive and gentle. ProSort 121 and 122 are designed to sort products at a 22-degree angle, where higher speeds are required, but close divert centres are not. The difference is that model 122 is for applications where dual-sided sortation is required. ProSort 131 and 132, however, are meant to sort products at a 30-degree angle where close divert centres are required. Just like model 122, though, ProSort 132 is meant to be used when dual-sided sortation is required. The ProSort 121 and 122 can handle speeds up to 450 feet per minute, while the ProSort 131 and 132 can handle speeds up to 350 feet per minute.
  • ProSort 421, 422, 431 and 432. The ProSort 400 family of sorters are very similar to the 100 Series, but they are a heavier duty option that can handle even higher speeds — up to 600 feet per minute on the 421 and 422 models, and up to 350 feet per minute on the 431 and 432 models.
  • ProSort SC1 and SC2. Ideal for horizontal belt sortation, the Model ProSort SC Series of sorters are belt-driven, which provides a reliable method of tracking packages to the divert stations. They are available in speeds up to 300 feet per minute, and a maximum capacity of 75 pounds per package.
  • ProSort MRT 30 and 90. These sorters feature multiple narrow belts ideal for transporting medium-sized product. Diverter wheels pop up between the belts to transfer items at 30-degree angles for the MRT 30, and at right angles for the MRT 90.

Norpak Handling is the ideal supplier for these products and more thanks to its 30-plus years of experience providing high-quality conveyor systems to leading companies across Canada. This combination of industry experience, product knowledge and applications expertise has made Norpak a top choice for many companies.

To learn more, contact Norpak Handling.


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