REDwire Hytrol PCX parts conveyor offers easy installation and maintenance

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The PCX conveyor can move parts from presses and extruders into drums and hoppers.

The Hytrol PCX Low Profile Portable Parts Conveyor offers an ideal solution for handling small parts produced by punch presses and extruding machines. Due to its portability and low profile, it is easy to position under presses and extruding machines. The conveyor belt features one-inch metal cleats and can quickly convey small parts up to a drum or hopper.

In addition to its convenient design and capabilities, this conveyor is easy to set up and maintain.

Easy setup

  • Installation: The PCX conveyor is shipped fully assembled, so installation is simple. First, adjust the portable support to the appropriate height, move it into place, and connect the conveyor controls to a power source.
  • Tracking the belt: Every PCX conveyor is run at the factory and the belt is tracked prior to shipment. If the belt does not track, measure from the end of the conveyor to the centre of the pulley shafts on both sides. Ensure the drive and tail pulley are square with the bed. If the belt is running toward the drive end, adjust the screw take-ups at the tail pulley. If the belt runs to either side of the tail pulley, move the take-up out on that side.
  • Lubrication: PCX conveyors use drives and tail pulleys with sealed bearings that are greased for life. The speed reducers are filled with SAE 90 and sealed at the factory.

Easy maintenance

  • Tensioning the belt: Maintaining enough tension will ensure the conveyor can handle the maximum-rated load without slipping. Use the screw take-ups on the tail pulley to tighten the belt.
  • Drive chain adjustment: To adjust the drive train, first loosen the speed reducer bolts and then use the take-screw on the base plate to move the reducer back.
  • Preventative maintenance checks: For the most reliable operation with minimal downtime, belt tracking and tension should be checked daily, chain sprockets and loose set screws should be checked weekly, and pulleys and bearings should be checked monthly.

Additional information

The PCX parts conveyor offers a number of features, including a belt scraper, underside drive, and enclosed box construction. For more information, visit the McKessock Conveyor Solutions website. Operating under the Norpak Handling banner, McKessock is the ideal source for conveyors from a number of leading suppliers.


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