REDwire Hytrol conveyor uses simple design to effectively accumulate product

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The 190-ACC Horizontal Power Conveyor employs a basic design that eliminates complicated adjustments.

Sometimes the simplest methods are the most efficient. That’s the approach Hytrol took when it designed its 190-ACC Horizontal Power Conveyor, a piece of equipment the conveyor manufacturer calls “the simplest method ever developed to accumulate cartons, boxes” and more. The conveyor employs a basic design that eliminates complicated adjustments and allows a minimum two per cent back pressure. 

How it works

The conveyor’s tread rollers are driven by the top surface of a standard section endless flat belt. To maintain the driving of the tread roller, the pressure roller is mounted in spring-adjusted carriers, which sense the required driving friction. It doesn’t matter what the length of the accumulated load is. Pressure is maintained constantly to give a two per cent minimum back pressure in either a forward or reverse direction. If there is a drastic change in unit load (i.e., the weight of the box or package significantly changes), convenient knurled thumb adjusting nuts can be turned to accept the heavier load. 

This is an efficient approach because it eliminates the need for selecting proper tension spring holes in trigger mechanisms or jogging cleats on driving belt and off-centre tread rollers. By maintaining a constant minimum pressure on the tread rollers, long loads may be conveyed, accumulated or stopped on the conveyor at any point using very little motor horsepower and giving practically no pressure between boxes or packages.

Conveyor specifications

The standard Hytrol 190-ACC is capable of running at a constant conveying speed of 65 feet per minute, and can move in either direction. It is available in 12 bed widths, with a maximum load of 150 pounds per linear foot of conveyor. Conveyor sections can be easily coupled together at either end to make up to 100-foot-long units. A selection of optional equipment is also available to increase conveying speed, for mounting, to support heights, and more. 

Available in Canada

The Hytrol 190-ACC conveyor is available from McKessock Conveyor Solutions, operating under the Norpak Handling banner. Hytrol is just one of a growing list of high-quality suppliers represented across Canada by Norpak Handling and McKessock Conveyor Solutions. 


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