REDwire Hytrol conveyor combines benefits of EZLogic, 24-volt motors and full-width belt

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The RBE24EZ features EZLogic accumulation, 24-volt motors, and full-width belt.

One of the latest innovations from Hytrol is the RBE24EZ full-width belt conveyor. This conveyor is the first to combine the advantages of 24-volt motor technology and the EZLogic system with a full-width belt.

24-volt technology

The conveyor uses a series of 24-volt drive motors. These electric motors offer safe, quiet and efficient operation. In addition, when used with Hytrol’s advanced EZLogic system, they enable high-throughput product accumulation.

The conveyor is divided into zones, each powered by a separate motor. That means any motor can be switched off to stop products in that zone. EZLogic Zone Controllers are used to control the accumulation and release of products.


EZLogic is a zero-pressure control system. The name comes from “Electronic Zero-Pressure Logic”. The system uses photoelectric sensing and discrete electronic logic control. With this method, there is no need for a PLC or pneumatic logic components. As a result, the EZLogic system offers high reliability, reduced noise and easier maintenance.

Each EZLogic zone controller has a photoelectric device, a microprocessor and control connections for communication. The system can dynamically adjust zone lengths to handle products of different lengths. This capability enables the system to increase throughput, efficiency, flexibility and accumulation density.

Full-width belt

By combining these benefits with a full-width belt, the RBE24EZ can accumulate small items on a wide conveying surface, saving on energy costs and long-term maintenance. In addition, the endless splice belt has a high coefficient of friction, so products will not slip. It also offers reduced belt skewing due to its auto-tracking capabilities.

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