REDwire Hytrol conveyor accessories are available from Norpak

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Y-switches are a simple method of diverting products.

A variety of material handling system accessories are available from Norpak Handling. These additional components can be used to add a specific function to a system, such as diverting products from one conveyor line to another. They include pushers, diverters and o-ring transfers. Because these accessories are supplied by industry leader Hytrol, customers can have confidence in their quality and performance.

  • Y-switch: A Y-switch is a simple solution for diverting or converging products between conveyor lines. It consists of a Y-shaped conveyor section that sends products on one line in normal flow and on another line when the transfer mechanism is raised. It can be operated manually or with pneumatic controls.
  • The Traffic Cop: This accessory is used to control product flow from one conveyor to another. It allows products from one line to pass freely, while preventing interference from a converging line. This avoids collisions and disruptions to product flow.
  • Light-duty pusher: The LD Pusher from Hytrol easily mounts to the side of conveyors and is compatible with many models. It offers an economical way to push lightweight products off of a conveyor line at a right angle to product flow. This accessory is perfect for reject or inspection stations. It has an aluminum pusher face and is available with a stroke length of seven, 10 or 15 inches.
  • Diverters: The Hytrol Powered Pivot Diverter is designed for use with accumulating conveyors and can automatically divert products onto adjacent 30-degree spur lines. It uses two rows of wheels with urethane treads driven by urethane belts.
  • O-ring transfers: These accessories can move products to adjacent or parallel conveyor lines. They use an air bag actuator to lift the transfer mechanism, and powered o-rings to transfer the product. Linear bearings guide the transfer as it raises and lowers.

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