REDwire How hygienic filters and strainers provide a particle-free work zone

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Top-Flo™ is one top of the line manufacturer when it comes to industry grade hygienic filters and strainers.

More than any other industries, the food and beverage, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors have zero room for error when it comes to preparing sanitary food and drug products for human consumption.

Critical applications such as these must have negligible margins of error when performing routine or specialized hygienic applications.

Using high quality, professional grade filters and strainers are a must to prevent contamination of harmful bacteria or particles to enter processing equipment.

At York Fluid Controls, we take the “problem solving approach” with our world-class product line, which includes our liquid filtration solutions.

With more than five decades in the specialty products distribution business, we’ve seen our fair share of industry leading brand name suppliers delivering consistently high quality products.

One such supplier is Top Line – makers of Top-Flo™ – a top of the line, industry grade hygienic filter and strainer.

Filter out the competition when seeking proper hygienic instrumentation by learning why Top-Flo™ filters and strainers get top marks in filtration excellence.


Top-Flo™ filters and strainers are engineered with anti-corrosive 316L stainless steel, which offers significant resistance to atmospheric types of corrosion.


The service life of Top-Flo™ filters and strainers is extended because of the efficient mechanism inside the system removing unwanted particles.

Low maintenance

The innovative lightweight, sanitary design of the filters and strainers offer simple installation and easy cleanup.


Top-Flo™ filters and strainers are specifically designed to eliminate particles and particulate matter from process line content consistently and effectively. 


Multipurpose is the name of the game for Top-Flo™ filters and strainers, which are compatible to use with heat exchangers, pumps, valves and other similar processing equipment.

A wide array of filtering media are available, including cotton, cheesecloth, nylon mesh, non-woven rayon or woven nylon.

Interchangeable features also allow these formidable filters and strainers to work with other comparable strainers.

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