REDwire Why Hydromat transfer machines are the champions in CNC machining

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Hydromat manufactures top-notch CNC and rotary transfer machining products with a solid reputation in the machining industry.

Sometimes it’s important to acknowledge the superstars in our life who distinguish themselves among the crowd. Those special heroes deserve special recognition.

For the consistent quality that has been delivered time and time again, tribute is paid to Hydromat, a top-notch brand in CNC and rotary transfer machining products who has a solid reputation in the machining industry.

Want proof? Here is the six star lineup of Hydromat’s transfer machinery equipment, one of which could be the next shining star for your own business and machining applications.

Epic RT

Coined as the next generation of full CNC rotary transfer machining, the Epic RT has an embedded motion control system ideally designed for small industrial lot sizes.

Equipped with a hydraulic servo valve and control device conveniently mounted on the tool-spindle unit, the Epic RT gets top marks for its priceless flexibility in completing quick machining applications.

Hydromat AT 6-100

Versatility is unmatched with this excellent piece of machinery constructed to execute intricate applications.

The Hydromat AT 6-100’s four-in-one mini vertical turning lathe design is custom built with spindle speeds ranging from 5,000 rpm to 50,000 rpm.

HS Indexing Chuck Machine

Compatibility is effortless for the HS since its modular components used with Hydromat’s rotary transfer models work with this machine.

Available in either 12 or 16 station models, high accuracy and reliability of the Hirth ring makes the HS a no-brainer when it comes to using this machine with indexing chucks at all stations.

Hydromat CNC Machine

Full control single point machining with two-axis interpolation is the crown jewel of the Hydromat CNC machine.

With the ability to produce radii or form requirements, the machine is also compatible with engineering production requirements and JIT applications.

Hydromat Trunnion Machine

V8 or V12 models are available for Hydromat Trunnion Machines, which are best suited to complete applications with asymmetrical extruded bar stock parts, shafts and small casting applications.

Inline Standard-8

Eight is the magic number for this machine, which is constructed with eight double chucks and transport arms to assist with easily moving workpieces from station to station.

Equipped to handle long turning operations, applications are executed by pickup and revolving stations.

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