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Rotem carries a variety of hydraulic fluids from ChemArrow.

Hydraulic fluids play a critical role in the optimal performance of hydraulic systems — from car transmissions to power steering systems and more. For this reason, it’s important that users select a quality hydraulic fluid for their system, and Rotem Industrial Products can help. As a leading supplier of industrial fluids in Canada, Rotem can supply its customers with hydraulic fluids that will keep their machinery working efficiently.

Hydraulic fluid selection

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting hydraulic fluid. It’s important to understand each fluid's characteristics to determine the most appropriate selection for the application. For example, consider the thermal and hydrolytic stability, the chemical corrosiveness and the viscosity, and choose a quality product that offers stability, low chemical corrosiveness and constant viscosity at a low cost.

Rotem’s selection

Rotem carries a variety of hydraulic fluids from leading manufacturer ChemArrow. Known for their longevity, these high efficiency fluids are capable of handling many different hydraulic applications, and are available in a range of viscosities and types, including oil and water options, as well as ISO-grade options. Many of these hydraulic fluids are stocked in Rotem’s warehouse and ready to ship.

A trusted expert

Rotem’s staff is highly skilled and trained, so they can offer their expertise when it comes to choosing the right products for different applications. They can help customers select fluids that will offer longevity and bring added savings by reducing maintenance and replacement costs. But most importantly, the team can recommend a top-quality hydraulic fluid that will keep production up.

To learn more about its selection of hydraulic fluids from ChemArrow, contact Rotem Industrial Products.


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