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Amtec provides standard and custom designs to suit all your tooling and clamping component needs.

Get schooled on the basics of hydraulic clamping to make yourself an informed consumer when deciding which supplier to contact for your industrial hydraulic clamping needs.

What is hydraulic clamping?

A hydraulic system is compressed fluids transferred from one point to another using extreme force.

The whole is greater than the sum of the hydraulic system’s parts, which include:









Based on this anatomical structure of this system, hydraulic clamping then is a system that performs with high-pressurized liquids, to give strength to clamps, and to hold a workpiece or tool in position during the stamping process.

What are the benefits of hydraulic clamping?

Consistent clamping: The key value to hydraulic clamping over manual clamping lies in its consistency to apply the necessary, exacting force in the same manner each and every time.

Operator fatigue is eliminated because of the automated power source of a hydraulic clamp.

Controlled clamping: Product quality is improved because of the clamping force repeats reliably in the machining process.

Adjustments to the degree of pressure to be used can be made uniformly depending on the workpiece thickness, fragility or irregularity.

Cost and time saving: Another significant appeal to hydraulic clamping is the major drop in load and unload times versus traditional toggle clamping.

Higher production means reducing overall efficiency and boosting capacity of the machine tools. This translates into cost cutting of expensive materials by reducing the amount of unusable or scrapped parts.

The takeaway:  Amtec Hydraclamp Inc. can manufacture all your hydraulic clamping product needs, as well as customized tooling, metal casting, rolling, processing and forming.

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