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DensoBand is a hot asphalt joint sealing compound that is used for sealing joints between asphalt, concrete and steel.

Denso North America carries road and maintenance products designed to seal asphalt joints and prevent water infiltration at the most vulnerable points of pavement. The lineup includes DensoBand, a hot asphalt joint sealing compound that is used for sealing joints between asphalt, concrete and steel.

Key features and advantages

DensoBand is a polymer-modified bitumen strip in rectangular form that offers a uniform, watertight, flexible seal in hot asphalt surfaces between asphalt, concrete and steel. It is also used for new road construction and maintenance, as well as bridge repair, parking lot, railway and airport runway applications. DensoBand is the ideal choice for such applications because it offers high adhesion strength and high durability, and can withstand asphalt movement and thermal expansion, while at the same time preventing cracking and propagation.

The compound is produced in rolls with a disposable interleaving, and can be easily applied by hand or machine.

Easy application

Before applying DensoBand, the user must clean and dry the vertical surface of the joint and apply Denso Primer D to the vertical face to be joined using a brush or roller. Alternatively, Denso Spray Primer can be used. Once the primer is dried to a tack consistency, the user simply lays the DensoBand strip along the length of the joint and removes the interleaving paper. Using a propane torch unit, the user heats the surface of the material until it develops a glossy sheen, and then places the side of the material against the joint face, leaving the DensoBand about five millimetres above the surface of the face and pressing it firmly into place. Then, the user simply installs the hot asphalt in place, raking where necessary before rolling out the new asphalt. The heat of the hot asphalt will bond/fuse the new surface of the exposed face of the DensoBand material.

Additional details

In addition to DensoBand, the company’s line of road and maintenance products includes Denso Re-Instatement Tape, a cold-applied, seam seal mastic tape. To learn more, contact Denso North America.


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