REDwire Why hose reels are not just for the welding industry anymore

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The main significant advantage of installing a hose reel for industrial applications is improved efficiency of the operator.

Imagine a firefighter getting tangled in a fire hose while trying to extinguish a blazing building?

Think about the auto body shop technician performing brake surface work, precariously balancing a surplus of an air hose in one hand, while speedily removing asbestos dust from another?

What about a welder performing a routine welding application using a mangled cable continually resting on the floor, increasing the risk of electrical shock or damage?

What do all of these three imaginary scenarios have in common? The danger of inefficient cable or hose handling when carrying out critical or dangerous applications on the job.

The major advantages of installing a hose reel are improved efficiency and safety of the operator.

Cable, hose and welding reels boost efficiency at work because of its ability to provide proficient adeptness of the cable, cords or hoses, allowing them to be always accessible when needed.

The increased safety of hose reels is inherent of its design since hoses are tucked away in the reel. The reduction of potential tripping accidents means employees spend more time what they love to do and less time away from the job due to injury.

Minimal leakages also provide maximum savings down the road in air and water costs. A boost in wear and tear life is prolonged, thanks to decreased abrasion to cables and hoses because reels extend their operational and service life up to five times longer.

Improved productivity is the order of the work day due to the easy, simplified storage of cables or hoses, which means more output and less wasteful time spent untangling yourself or cleaning up the work zone floor of knotted cords or hoses.

Engineered with reinforced steel, corrosion-resistant material and easy mounting brackets to structurally sound surfaces, hose reels, including Reelcraft welding reels, deliver industrial grade performance for a wide range of industrial markets.

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