REDwire Hose manufacturer helps woodworkers breath easier

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Hi-Tech Duravent has redefined hose and ducting technology based on its utilization of advanced raw materials.

It’s no secret that sawdust is a major health hazard. Breathing in those tiny particles of dust can have serious health repercussions. Proper elimination of sawdust is essential to the health and safety of those in a woodworking environment. 

Hi-Tech Duravent can help. The company has redefined hose and ducting technology based on its utilization of advanced raw materials. It is a leader in manufacturing flexible hose and ducting for a multitude of applications, including dust collection. 

Its CVD hose (available in one to 18 inches) is an economical alternative to most ducts, and sacrifices nothing in performance. Constructed of polyvinylchloride and reinforced with a wire helix, the hose is ideal for fume removal, dust collection and ventilation applications. It has flexibility and tight bending characteristics. 

The RFH (available in 1.25 to 24 inches) is the most general purpose hose on the market today, handling applications with a wide temperature range. Constructed of thermoplastic rubber and reinforced with a wire helix, the hose offers superior chemical resistance and good abrasion resistance. 

The UFD hose (available in two to 18 inches) handles higher pressure and vacuums than standard ducting, and has excellent flex fatigue resistance. Constructed of thermoplastic polyurethane reinforced with a wire helix, it offers superior abrasion resistance to any flexible hose. 

Super Vac-U-Flex (available in 1.25 to four inches) is ideal for industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners. Constructed of high strength fibre-reinforced PVC hose, it has flexibility for easy installation. 

Hi-Tech Duravent is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting their dust collection needs with high-quality, innovative products. To learn more about these products, contact Hi-Tech Duravent.


Hi-Tech Duravent

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