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The ViscoFLUX mobile is a stand-alone system designed to transport highly viscous, paste-like, non-flowing materials.

York Fluid Controls is proud to offer ViscoFLUX lite and ViscoFLUX mobile, two efficient drum unloading systems capable of removing more than 99 per cent of highly viscous media from drums. These units, manufactured by German pump specialist Flux Pumps, are now available for the first time in North America.

ViscoFLUX lite

ViscoFLUX lite is designed to transfer highly viscous media that are capable of flowing, like adhesives and paint binders, for example, out of open drums. The system includes a FLUX eccentric worm-drive pump, drive motor, pump centering and follower plates, and a process seal. These components help to create a highly efficient system. The pump creates a vacuum during pumping, pulling the follower plate down automatically. The process seal of the follower plate hermetically seals the material to be extracted. This provides high process reliability, even if the extraction process is interrupted, achieving residuals less than one per cent. In addition to being efficient, the system is quick and easy to install, requires minimal space, and is simple to operate. It can even be used in areas with low ceiling clearance due to its low installation height.

ViscoFLUX mobile

The ViscoFLUX mobile is a stand-alone system designed to transport highly viscous, paste-like, non-flowing materials both continuously and gently. It consists of a mobile process device and a pump unit with drive motor, pump, follower plate and an application-specific process seal. This battery-operated, fully mobile unit is so compact that it can even be transported in an elevator and used outdoors. An optional control unit enables integration into a diverse range of filling processes. In drums without inliner, the ViscoFLUX mobile is capable of producing residuals of less than one per cent.

There is also a pharma/food/cosmetic version of the ViscoFLUX mobile. This unit is ideal for emptying high-viscosity media such as creams, ointment bases, tomato puree, condiment pastes and fruit sauces. The pumping system with motor, pump and follower plate are quick to dismantle and easy to clean. Various stainless steel components make the process device resistant to aggressive cleaning agents. This version features a unique process seal that permits transfer out of conical drums with aseptic bags.

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