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The Shimana SHWSFG Series of Push Pull Digital Force Gauges are available from DMM.

When it comes to the measurement of tension and compression force, or any other measurement for that matter, accuracy is critical. It’s important to have a reliable instrument that provides accurate results, without having to break the bank. That’s why Digital Measurement Metrology (DMM) carries the Shimana SHWSFG Series of Push Pull Digital Force Gauges. These instruments have the ability to do force measurements with a ±0.5 per cent accuracy at an affordable price point.

Best-in-class features

In addition to affordability and accuracy under a wide range of test conditions, there are many features and advantages that make the SHWSFG gauges an ideal choice for basic and complex test and measurement applications, such as tension/compression force measurement, switch testing, fracture testing and more.

Resolution: These Shimana gauges offer 0.001N min resolution.

180-degree display: The series features a large and easy-to-read LCD display with turn direction function. By simply pressing the unit key for three seconds, the LCD screen will change its direction.

Peak hold function: This function allows users to catch and hold the peak value in a test. There is also a peak hold and auto-release function that catches the peak value and shows it on display for up to 10 seconds, and then releases the value in preparation for the next peak.

Data logging: The Shimana SHWSFG has a memory function that enables it to keep 10 groups of data, and calculate the average.

Unit conversion: The device has the capability to convert the graduations of N, kgf and lbf automatically.

Compare function: By entering in the tolerance limit (max/min), the device can judge the measured result as GO (Green pilot lamp) or NG (Red pilot lamp).

Automatic power off: The gauges have an automatic power off function to save battery and keep the gauge safe. The power off time can be set to a range between one and 60 minutes.

A leading distributor

DMM is a leading Canadian supplier of digital force gauges, as well as other force measuring products. The Brampton, Ont.-based company not only has the ability to supply these products, but its facility is equipped with a calibration lab accredited to ISO 17025 to perform force calibration services.

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