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High-temperature heaters are available from Process Heaters.

Process Heaters carries a wide selection of high-temperature heaters. Its portfolio includes units that can safely and reliably reach temperatures up to 1900 degrees C (3452 degrees F).

Cast plate heaters

Cast plate heaters can be made in any size and have the capability to heat up to 1200 degrees C (2192 degrees F) — higher watts per square inch than standard plate heaters.

Ceramic fibre heaters

Fibrecraft vacuum formed ceramic fibre heaters combine the heating element and insulation in one complete unit. Available in cylindrical, semi-cylindrical and flat plate types, these heaters have the capability to reach temperatures up to 1200 degrees C (2192 degrees F).

Ceramic refractory heaters

High-temperature ceramic refractory heaters can be customized to meet the user’s exact specifications. They are available in both flat plate and semi-cylindrical types, and can reach temperatures up to 1204 degrees C (2200 degrees F).

Molybdenum disilicide heaters

These units produce temperatures up to 1900 degrees C (3452 degrees F).

Platinum and molybdenum ceramic heaters

These units can reach temperatures up to 1600 degrees C (2912 degrees F).

Silicon carbide heaters

These units are capable of reaching temperatures up to 1550 degrees C (2822 degrees F).

Additional options

Process Heaters also carries ribbon-type and rod overbend heaters in a variety of materials. The temperature capability of each depends on the material chosen.

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