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Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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NISCO is proud to offer high-temperature expansion joints from HOLZ Rubber Company.

High-temperature expansion joints from HOLZ Rubber Company have been engineered to stand up against the most severe applications. Available in Canada through Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO), these high-temperature expansion joints are built with advanced materials to ensure long life and a predictable, reliable performance.

The lineup includes:

  • Rubber chemical-resistant expansion joints: Series 300 LT expansion joints are designed for use in wet or dry environments exposed to temperatures up to 149 degrees C (300 degrees F). They are manufactured from multiple elastomers, and are offered in either belt or flanged configurations with single or multiple layers of woven fabric or knitted wire. Ideal applications include baghouses, FD fans, wet or dry scrubbers and precipitators.
  • DuPont-certified Viton expansion joints: Series 400 LT expansion joints can operate in wet or dry environments up to 204 degrees C (400 degrees F). Constructed using Dupont-certified Viton, these units are offered in belt or flanged configurations with reinforced single or multiple layers of woven fabric or knitted wire. Typical applications include air heater gas outlets, baghouses, precipitators, induced draft fans, wet or dry scrubbers, and stack breeching ducts.
  • Fibreglass-reinforced PTFE expansion joints: Series 500 T joints can withstand temperatures up to 301 degrees C (575 degrees F) in wet or dry environments. These units are made from fibreglass-reinforced PTFE with a zero porosity gas barrier. With the highest resin content in the industry, Series 500 T expansion joints are ideal for many demanding applications. They can be used to provide the outer cover and gas seal for high-temperature composites, or as the primary flex element or inner gas seal in extreme chemical environments. They can also be used for paper processing liquors and wet scrubbers.
  • Multi-layered expansion joints: Series 500 HT to 1000 HT expansion joints are ideal for high-temperature air and gas applications in temperatures up to 537 degrees C (1000 degrees F). These units consist of multiple layers, and include a gas barrier, insulation, woven fabric and possibly knitted or woven wire mesh. These joints are ideal for economizer outlets, SCR inlets, secondary air, and other hot flue gas applications.
  • HTG extreme-temperature expansion joints: Series 1200 expansion joints are specially designed for gas turbine applications where temperatures are above 537 degrees C (1000 degrees F), and where heavy cycling, radial growth and large movement is expected. They offer a long life, easy installation, low external temperature and reduced noise. These joints can also be used on GT exhausts, HRSG inlets and other high-temperature ducting and fan applications.

To learn more about the high-temperature expansion joints available, contact NISCO.


Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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