REDwire High-quality hose clamps offer reliable performance in demanding applications

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Self-compensating hose clamps are available from Daemar.

Daemar can supply hose clamps from Rotor Clamp. The leading manufacturer produces a line of self-compensating hose clamps for low-pressure applications in single-wire, double-wire and constant tension band (CTB) configurations, including light band and narrow band clamps. The wide selection of high-quality, reliable clamps means that users are sure to find a clamp that meets their exact needs.

Single-wire clamps: These units have the most effective holding force and clamping strength, as the single wire concentrates the clamping force in one specific area around the hose. The clamps can be used on household appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, off-road vehicles, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, boats, personal watercrafts and more. A slimmer version of these clamps is also available.

Double-wire clamps: These clamps are used where a lower clamping force than offered by single-wire clamps is sufficient, and esthetics is important. The double-wound wire spreads out the clamping force around the hose, and is more cost-effective than single-wire clamps. These units are often used in spa fixtures, appliances, heating and air conditioning units, some automotive and truck systems, and utility vehicles.

Constant tension band clamps: These units are used in applications where a lower clamping force than offered by single-wire clamps is sufficient, but a higher clamping force than produced by double-wire clamps is needed. Typical applications include spa fixtures, as well as in the automotive and truck industry.

Constant tension band light clamps: These units are cost-effective alternatives to other types of band clamps, but do not compromise quality or reliability. They can be used on small engines, agricultural and utility vehicles, automotive systems and appliances.

Pre-opened, pre-positioned clamps: This unique, patented version of a pre-opened clamp is only intended for rubber hose manufacturers who pre-glue clamps to hoses before supplying to the automotive industry.

Regardless of the type of clamp that is chosen, all units are easy to install and remove, as they cannot be over- or under-tightened. In addition, they expand and contract with the hose in response to temperature changes in the application.

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