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Rotem Industrial Products Inc

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Rotem carries high-quality abrasives from CUMI.

Abrasives play an important role in the metalworking industry. They are used to shape or polish a workpiece, and make surfaces smooth and reflective. It’s no surprise then that Rotem Industrial Products Inc., a leading supplier to metalworking manufacturers and wire fabricators, carries high-quality abrasives from CUMI for the North American market. Its selection includes both bonded and coated abrasives to meet its customers' grinding needs.

Bonded abrasives

The abrasive material of bonded abrasives is contained within a matrix — a binder typically constructed of resin, glass, clay or rubber. The binder and abrasive (aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, garnet or tungsten carbide, are shaped into sticks, wheels or blocks.

Coated abrasives

Coated abrasives, like sandpaper for example, are fixed to a backing material like resin, paper, polyester or cloth. Extra resilience can also be provided by using a woven backing. Coated abrasives can also be used in orbital and rotary sanders, diamond steels and tools, as striking surfaces on matchboxes, as loops in belt grinders, and as hand pads. Cumi coated abrasives are available in a range of grit sizes, from grit 12 to 2,000. They also come in a variety of coatings, including aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and emery.

Additional details

In addition to bonded and coated abrasives, Rotem offers cut-off wheels for blanchard, centreless, gear or flute grinding applications, as well as surface grinding discs, cloth rolls and paper rolls.

By working with leading manufacturers like CUMI, Rotem ensures the products it supplies are the highest quality.

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Rotem Industrial Products Inc

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