REDwire High performance petrolatum tape: a foolproof way for achieving perfect piping protection

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Petrolatum tape uses natural petrolatum and synthetic compounds to protect the integrity of industrial pipe surfaces and structures.

Underground and underwater pipeline applications in the construction, oil and gas, and wastewater industries benefit immensely from corrosive prevention products engineered to protect pipes and fittings from environmental stress and damage.

One such exterior coating solution is petrolatum tape, which uses natural petrolatum and synthetic compounds to protect the integrity of industrial pipe surfaces and structures.

Petrolatum tape is a cold-applied sealing tape specifically designed with long-lasting anti-corrosion and insulation properties to protect wet or dry industrial pipe surfaces in subzero to tropical temperatures from oxidization and external damage.

Backed by an 85-year history of proven industry-grade performance, petrolatum tape meets exacting American Water Works Association standards for exterior protection of submerged or buried pipelines, connections and fittings.

By land

Seal the deal with commercial and residential applications using petrolatum tape for an array of aboveground plumbing connections such as cooling tower piping or roof repairs. Trays, tie downs, trailer axles and U-bolts also benefit from the tape that encases lead paint while containing no solvents.

Protect pipes below ground and with marginally prepared surfaces with ease. The compounds of the tape provide waterproofing and sealing features to buried steel pipelines, flanges, bolted fittings, couplings, ductile and cast iron pipes, valves or welded joints.

By air

High performance petrolatum tape is durable for applications involving air, gases and atmospheric pressure conditions, including piping, structural steel, flanges and valves, sweating lines, tank bases, pipe crossing, cooling tower piping and thermal insulation. 

By sea

Unaffected by water, acid, salts or soil organics, petrolatum tape withstands underwater applications seamlessly. Marine-based uses such as submarine pipeline repairs, pipe hangers, concrete piles, risers, under deck piping, offshore platforms, H-piles, tie rods and end connections are ready for immediate service after application.

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