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The Nanobell features high transfer efficiency spraying technology.

The Sames Nanobell, available from Exel North America, is a high-efficiency compact sprayer designed for use with light payload robots. At just 3.3 kg, the lightweight sprayer offers many benefits to the wood industry, manufacturers of small and average plastic parts, and producers of metal parts. 

Major savings

The Nanobell features Hi-TE (high transfer efficiency) spraying technology, which offers significant paint savings — up to 50 per cent savings compared to an electrostatic or conventional spray gun. The sprayer is adjustable, permitting better control of the pattern. Using a narrower pattern results in less paint outside of the target area, while adjusting the device to a larger pattern for bigger surfaces means a reduced application time. In addition, integration is fast and easy, which also contributes to time savings.


The Nanobell robotic sprayer can spray solvent paints, waterborne paints, mono or multi-component paints. It is designed for use with multi-axis robots in general industry, and is adaptable to many low payload robots. It is often mounted on small robots as a replacement to guns. Examples of the types of surfaces the Nanobell can paint include any kind of metal surface; plastic frames, bumpers and rear view mirrors; wooden door and window frames, as well as chairs; any kind of glass bottle; and much more. 

High-quality finish

Users can regulate the thickness of the film build, which allows for a better finish. 

Easy maintenance

Each component of the Nanobell can be easily reached and dismantled quickly. 

Control of V.O.C.

The Nanobell helps to reduce the quantities of VOC released into the atmosphere because it reduces the quantity of paint needed for an application. This helps paint facilities meet VOC regulations.

To learn more about the Sames Nanobell and its many advantages, contact Exel North America



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