REDwire Hi-Tech carries connectors, clamps and cuffs for hose and ducting products

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Hi-Tech Duravent offers a line of accessories to complement its hose and ducting products.

Hi-Tech Duravent is best known for the high-quality hose and ducting products it manufactures. But the company also offers a line of accessories to complement its products. The options include a variety of connectors, clamps, cuffs and more. 

Hose and duct connectors

When the application calls for multiple hoses or ducts to be joined, Hi-Tech Duravent offers a selection of connectors designed to provide a secure connection. Its blower hose connectors are available in a variety of end finishes to suit different blower hose styles. They are made of two-ply polyester fabric, and sewn around the cuff to ensure a quick and secure connection to most portable blowers.

The company’s duct connectors, on the other hand, are constructed of 20 gauge steel, and offer a quick and easy way to extend any length of duct. They are available in sizes ranging from four to 24 inches.


A broad selection of clamps is also available to help secure connectors to each hose. For example, Hi-Tech Duravent’s stainless steel bridge clamps are tightly secured around the hose between the raised helix to ensure a strong seal and a tight leak guard at the connection. Its quick-release clamps, on the other hand, feature an open/close design for easy installation. They are available in sizes from four to 24 inches. Screw clamps are another option that is offered in multiple sizes, from 3.5 to 24 inches. Meanwhile, t-bolt clamps, designed to work with the company’s FlexFast Couplers, are available in sizes from 2.375 to 12.75 inches.


CMD and Super Vac-U-Flex Cuffs are designed to easily screw onto CMD and Super Vac-U-Flex Hoses. They are available in sizes from ¾ to three inches. Swivel cuffs are also available when movement is required, as they have the capability to swivel at 360 degrees. They are available with a 2.5-inch diameter. Vac-U-Lock Cuffs and VH2000 Cuffs, in sizes ranging from 1-¼ to two inches, are also available.

Additional details

Hi-Tech Duravent also carries garage exhaust adapters, as well as J-Locks and Latch Locks, which help ensure a secure connection.

To learn more about its lineup of accessories, contact Hi-Tech Duravent.


Hi-Tech Duravent

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