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Sicomet adhesive can be used in a broad range of applications.

Sicomet instant adhesive from Henkel offers a fast and simple solution for a wide range of applications. This versatile adhesive is available in three formulas to offer an ideal solution for any job. It can provide excellent bond strengths on many types of materials, including plastic, metals, elastomers and composites.

Sicomet adhesive

The advantages of Sicomet adhesive include fast curing, easy application and excellent adhesion to multiple surfaces.

The three varieties of Sicomet adhesives offer varying levels of viscosity. For example, Sicomet 100 is a medium viscosity formula, while Sicomet 101 offers a very low viscosity. The low viscosity allows wicking into small gaps and pores in substrates. Sicomet 102 is a gel formula that is easy to apply, even on vertical surfaces, as it will not flow. 

Some of the typical applications for Sicomet adhesive include furniture, printing, silk screen, fatigue mats, costume jewelry, sporting goods, rubber trim and construction components. 

Simple application

The adhesive is quick and easy to apply, with no need for mixing. The process involves applying Sicomet to one of the surfaces to be bonded, then bringing the parts together and ensuring quick alignment. Then, to spread the adhesive into a thin film, light pressure should be applied. 

After a few seconds, the initial fixture strength will develop and any excess adhesive can be wiped away using solvent.

The fixture time of Sicomet depends on the type of material and size of the gap between parts. For example, with a gap fill between 0.01 mm and 0.50 mm, Sicomet offers a cure speed of five to 10 seconds for aluminum, and up to 15 seconds for fabric substrates.

Henkel expertise

Henkel manufactures adhesives that are used in many applications for a wide range of industries, including MRO, automotive, electronics, industrial assembly, packaging and paper, medical, furniture and construction. Some of the adhesive types available include flexible, hot melt, laminating and pressure sensitive. 

For more information on the products available from Henkel, visit the company website.


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