REDwire Henkel launches innovative, first-of-its-kind adhesive recycling program

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Durable collection boxes are available to Henkel customers that want to participate in the recycling program.

Henkel is proud to be the first adhesive manufacturer worldwide to provide an affordable, sustainable solution for its anaerobic adhesives packaging — the Adhesive Recycling Program. Participation in this new program allows customers to meet their sustainability goals and recycle certain Loctite adhesive packaging that were previously non-recyclable.

An innovative partnership

This new program was made possible through a partnership with TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company whose objective is "eliminating the idea of waste" by recycling the non-recyclable.

Companies interested in joining this new sustainability program can simply contact a Henkel distributor or Loctite industrial sales representative to order their durable collection boxes. Three convenient sizes are available. When the box arrives, place it in an area where the adhesives are applied or discarded, so that employees can easily place the items to be recycled in the box. Once it is full, the box, which comes with a pre-affixed return shipping label, is sent to TerraCycle to be recycled and made into new and innovative products.

Recycling the previously non-recyclable

TerraCycle offers recycling solutions for items that historically haven’t been recycled. When it receives the recycling boxes from Loctite customers, the adhesive packaging is cryogenically or thermally treated to deactivate the residual adhesive. Next, the material is melted into sheets, which are then shredded and pelletized. These pellets are turned into new products like park benches, chairs, watering cans and paving stones, for example.

A leading adhesive provider

Henkel is committed to sustainability, and wants to support its customers’ goals, too. This was the driving force behind the new program. The company wanted its customers to be able to meet their company-wide sustainability objectives while still enjoying the Loctite products they’ve grown to trust.

To learn more about the program and the eligible products, contact Henkel.


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