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Heat recovery systems from CompAir make use of wasted energy.

CompAir offers a range of innovative heat recovery systems. These systems provide a solution to reclaim the large amount of energy that is wasted in compressed air operations.

The problem

Compressed air systems account for approximately 10 per cent of all electricity used by industry, and 95 per cent of that energy goes to waste. That is because it is converted to heat and dissipated by the cooling system and motor.

Reclaim wasted energy

That heat can be put to good use by redirecting the hot oil to an oil-to-water heat exchanger. The heated water can then be used for a wide variety of applications. Whether it’s pre-heating water for a heating system or for industrial processes like steam generation, every degree of water temperature costs money, and recovering heat for this purpose can provide significant savings. These heat recovery systems also offer lower CO2 emissions and a low initial investment cost. Retrofit kits are available for existing systems.

One CompAir customer installed energy-efficient compressors and a heat recovery system in a bakery that produces more than two million bread products every week. Three months after the installation, the bakery was on target to reach annual energy savings of approximately £188,000 (about $350,000 in Canadian dollars).

CompAir expertise

These heat recovery systems are backed up by the expertise of CompAir, a company that has a history dating back more than 200 years. The company offers a range of compressed air and gas solutions, including oil-free, centrifugal, piston, rotary screw and portable compressors. This equipment is renowned for high performance and low operating costs. The company has distributors around the world and can offer both local service and global expertise. 


Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver

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