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Keystone offers replacement tube bundles for heat exchangers.

As a single source supplier for steam and hydronic equipment, Keystone Steam Supplies is the ideal source for help when your heat exchanger fails. The company can assist with finding you a replacement while offering their expert advice. 

Heat exchanger basics

There are many different types and styles of heat exchangers. Two common types include tube and shell, and plate (brazed and gasketed). But no matter what style of heat exchanger you’re dealing with, they all do the same job: move heat from one area to another. 

That can include moving heat from steam to a liquid or from one liquid to another. All types of heat exchangers are also subject to the same factors that shorten their lifespan — corrosion and erosion.

Reasons for failure

Corrosion and erosion are the primary causes of heat exchanger failure. Corrosion often happens as a result of exposure to the chemicals used in water treatment. The erosion of heat exchangers can be caused by abrasive particles that are suspended in the fluid. One example is calcium carbonate that gets dislodged by chemical treatments. These particles repeatedly impinge on plates or tubes and recess the surfaces.

A rupture will eventually occur somewhere in the heat exchanger. For plate style exchangers, the rupture may be in the plates, gaskets or brazing. In tube and shell exchangers, the rupture typically occurs in the tubes.

What to do

When a heat exchanger ruptures, the receiving media cross contaminates with the chemically treated source media. At this point, you have to ask yourself a question: Do you replace the unit or repair it? Whatever your decision, Keystone Steam Supplies can help.

Single source solution

Keystone Steam Supplies offers replacement tube bundles (RTB) for heat exchangers. The company has been supplying RTB for more than 20 years, so it has the expertise to assist in finding the right solution. Both copper and stainless steel tubes are available. These tubes can be sized to meet system needs, or custom manufactured to exactly match the existing unit. 

Keystone Steam Supplies can offer RTB in various styles made by a number of different manufacturers.

Keystone is your single source supplier for all steam and hydronic heating equipment. The company brings 30 years of industry expertise towards helping you find the parts you need. 


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