REDwire HBM strain gauges available from Durham Instruments

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Durham Instruments carries HBM's LY Series of linear strain gauges.

The LY Series of linear strain gauges with one measuring grid, from HBM, is a top choice for strain measurements in one direction. Users like the LY Series because of its many advantages. 

  • Wide selection. With many types available — LY1, LY2, LY4, LY5, LY6, LY7 and LY8 — the series offers linear strain gauges in various geometries and sizes. Each is available with temperature responses adapted for various materials, including steel, aluminum or to the customer’s specification. Strain gauges are available with nominal (rated) resistances of 120, 350, 700 and 1,000 ohms. Various connection configurations are available, including a version with a practical connection cable.
  • Rugged materials: The measuring grid is constructed of constantan, a copper-nickel alloy known for its high resistance. The measuring grid’s carrier is made from polyimide, a material known for its high resistance to heat. 
  • Accessories. LY4 strain gauges are available with a connection cable, which can come in lengths from 0.5 to 10 metres. An RJ11 plug is available upon request. A Teflon wire on the strain gauge prevents the cable from sticking during installation, and no soldering is required at the measuring point. 

HBM’s LY Series of linear strain gauges is available in Canada from Durham Instruments. The Pickering, Ont.-based company distributes high-quality electronic instrumentation and data acquisition and control systems to customers across the country. It carries many measurement solutions from HBM, a leader in the test and measurement industry thanks to its comprehensive selection of high-quality and reliable precision transducers and measurement solutions.

To learn more about the HBM products it carries, contact Durham Instruments


Durham Instruments

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