REDwire HBM input card offers many top features in one reliable card

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HBM’s GEN DAQ Series Isolated 1 kV 2 MS/s Input Card is available in Canada from Durham Instruments.

Durham Instruments is pleased to offer HBM’s GEN DAQ Series Isolated 1 kV 2 MS/s Input Card. With its many best-in-class features, this card is an ideal choice for data acquisition applications.

Integrated signal conditioner

The input card has a general purpose signal conditioner, making it suitable for use with especially high voltage inputs and externally conditioned signals. The isolated balanced differential inputs allow direct connection to any voltage up to 600 VRMS on both the positive and the negative input of each channel.

This integrated signal conditioner offers six channels of voltage inputs, from ± 20 mV to ± 1000 V. As a result, this card combines small input ranges with high voltage input ranges, all in one card.

Safety features

The model uses two four-millimetre safety banana plugs for each of its six channels. A standard safety-rated BNC-to-banana adapter can be used to easily connect coax cables using BNCs.

In addition, this card has been engineered to meet the requirements for the IEC 61010 standard, making it safe for use in electrical equipment. Within the scope of this standard, this card offers CAT II 600 VRMS and CAT III 300 VRMS isolation to allow safe measurements within the most demanding electrical environments.

Additional features

Each of the input card’s six channels is equipped with an independent full range input amplifier, seven-pole Bessel, Butterworth analog anti-aliasing filter, user-selectable digital Bessel, Butterworth and Elliptic IIR filters, and 18-bit analog-to-digital converter operating at up to two MS/s.

In addition, if supported by the selected mainframe, the GEN DAQ Series Input Card offers 16 digital input events, two digital output events, and two timer/counter channels.

The unit also offers two gigabytes of memory.

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Durham Instruments

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