REDwire HBM data acquisition products are rugged, versatile solutions

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SomatXR data acquisition systems are available from Durham Instruments.

HBM’s SomatXR data acquisition systems are available in Canada from Durham Instruments. These rugged, mobile devices come in a number of different models, and with several options, to suit the needs of many applications.

SomatXR CX23-R

This rugged data recorder, considered the central module of the SomatXR family, offers data acquisition and analysis wherever it’s needed. It features a user-friendly web interface, which enables direct access to measurement data without the need for any software to be installed. This allows for convenient channel parameterization, monitoring of measurement jobs and visualization of measured data far away from the measuring point. This unit synchronizes all connected measurement modules with Ethernet PTPv2, stores recorded measurement data and provides computed channels and smart data compression. It is available with an internal memory of 16 or 64 gigabytes.

SomatXR EX23-R

The EX23-R Ethernet switch is a newer addition to the SomatXR family. These 10-gigabit Ethernet ports are designed to connect SomatXR modules and accessories, and enable up to nine measurement modules to be connected to the CX23-R field recorder or a PC via Ethernet cable. The EX23-R is flexible, modular, waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 80 degrees C.


A selection of amplifiers are in the SomatXR family. The MX1601B-R amplifier, for example, is the standard amplifier. Compact and easy to integrate, this unit features 16 individually configurable channels for active sensors. The SomatXR MX1609KB-R amplifier, on the other hand, is the ultra-rugged thermo model for use in harsh environments. Another model, the MX1615B-R amplifier, is suited for experimental stress analysis applications, while the MX411B-R model is for ultra-rugged, highly dynamic applications exposed to impact, vibration, extreme temperatures and moisture.

To learn more about the SomatXR family, and to see a full lineup of the HBM products available from Durham Instruments, visit the company’s website.


Durham Instruments

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