REDwire Harting solutions a fit for many industries and applications

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A wide range of industries and applications benefit from Harting products.

Harting’s connectivity solutions are extremely versatile — so versatile, in fact, that they can be used in a wide range of markets and applications. In the company’s more than 70-year history, its solutions have been used in such industries as machine manufacturing, factory automation, IT, medical, energy, telecommunications, entertainment and more. 

Machine manufacturing

Harting connectors are used to connect components like motors, drives, pumps, controls and sensors in many types of industrial machinery, including material handling, packaging, material processing and plastics machinery. The company’s high-quality HAN connectors offer the flexibility required for machines that need to be modified to meet changing industry demands, and provide the power and control needed for critical processes.

Factory automation

Harting’s Han connectors are used in many areas of factory automation, from robotics, machine tools and material handling equipment, to painting, engine building and body assembly, for example. Thanks to the reliability of the Hans family of connectors, as well as their quick disconnect features, downtime is minimized. The types of connectors used in factory automation include milliampere, high current, coax, pneumatic, ethernet connectivity and fully shielded communication connectors.

There are many applications for Harting products in the energy sector. Its DIN connectors, for example, are the top choice for many energy management applications. They can be installed in rack systems that serve as control and monitoring units in power stations, or they can be installed in front-side board-to-cable connections, to name a couple of options. 

Information technology

Harting’s connectivity solutions are used in many systems that support the overall IT industry. The segments that benefit from Harting products include: semiconductor equipment and machinery manufacturers, power supply manufacturers, and producers of high-end data storage and server systems.

More details

These are just some examples of the industries and applications that benefit from the versatility, flexibility and durability of Harting products. To learn more about its various product lines and the industries they serve, contact Harting Canada


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