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Jon DeSouza discussed manufacturing trends on a recent episode of World Wide Business with Kathy Ireland.

In a recent appearance on World Wide Business with Kathy Ireland, Harting Americas president and CEO, Jon DeSouza, discussed manufacturing trends affecting North America and how Harting’s connectivity solutions address these challenges.

Major challenges today

Many companies are looking to reshore at least part of their manufacturing operations in the coming years; however, as they do this, they are faced with several challenges, according to DeSouza. The first is a skilled labour shortage, which is a direct result of so many jobs being shifted offshore in recent years.

A second challenge is a lack of automation. Many manufacturers are struggling with outdated machines because they simply haven’t invested in capital equipment over the last 20 years.

“Unless we decide to invest in capital equipment, it’s going to be really hard to compete with countries like Germany [and] Japan, let alone make the case for reshoring,” explains DeSouza. 

Addressing these challenges

Harting is taking steps to address these challenges by developing its connectivity solutions with the end-user in mind. Its solutions are pre-assembled, pre-tested and easy to use. In most cases, they can be installed by the end-user or contractor, which eliminates the need to hire highly skilled labour, saving both time and money and, ultimately, increasing productivity for the end-user.

Harting is also addressing these challenges through its smart connectivity solutions (i.e., by building intelligence directly into the connector). For example, its RFID tags can store all of the information about the connector. Another new trend is integrating active components, such as sensors, into connector systems — essentially giving them a brain, DeSouza explains. In addition, Harting is creating new technologies that connect legacy machinery to the IoT. Its MICA computing system is one example of this.

Additional details

Harting is dedicated to helping manufacturers compete and thrive in today’s industrial landscape. To learn more about its portfolio of solutions designed to help customers remain productive and competitive, contact Harting Canada


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