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Connectors are now approved by UL for use on 508-certified cabinets.

It was recently announced that Harting connectors are now qualified for use in UL 508-certified control cabinets. This is a big step for Harting, solidifying its position as a leading provider of connectivity solutions. To help its customers understand why this is important, Harting has addressed some frequently asked questions

What is UL 508 certification?

UL 508 is a certification standard for electrical control cabinets and switchgear, which provides assurance to machine builders and their customers that the cabinet can be operated safely and reliably. 

What has changed?

All industrial connectors used in North America are UL-certified for general use from the time they are introduced. However, it wasn’t until recently that their assigned UL status pre-qualified them for use in UL 508-certified cabinets. This is thanks to Harting, after the company requested that the UL create a new section of UL 2237, a complementary standard to UL 508 that governs multi-point connections of power cables. This new section allows for approved “recognized” connectors to be used and still be compliant with the UL 508 standard. 

What does this mean for Harting customers?

Previously, an OEM could not use individual connectors in a field-assembled, UL 508-certified control cabinet unless it subjected the end product to extensive additional UL safety testing, a time-consuming and expensive process. Using UL-recognized components simplifies and fast tracks end product certification because the connectors have already been tested. In Harting’s case, more than two dozen of its connector configurations have passed safety testing by UL and been designated UL-recognized. Now machine builders can take advantage of the benefits that connector-based wiring has over hardwiring, including time and labour savings, and reduced errors. 

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