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Expansion compensators from Keystone Steam Supplies are a cost-efficient solution to handle thermal growth.

Expansion compensators and joints are available from Keystone Steam Supplies. These units are used to absorb motion in piping systems, and provide a cost-efficient solution to handle thermal growth.

Product features

Expansion compensators from Keystone Steam Supplies come in many designs, one of which features external pressure. This design prevents any chance of the bellows buckling — one of the leading causes of compensator failure.

The company can provide expansion compensators for systems with large pipe diameters, up to a maximum of 144 inches. The more standard sizes range up to four inches for steel piping and three inches for copper piping. Standard units allow up to two inches of pipe motion, with 1-3/4 inches of compression and 1/4 inches of extension.


Expansion compensators from Keystone Steam Supplies are designed to be used with either steel or copper piping systems. The units for steam systems with steel piping have maximum operating temperatures of 398 degrees C (750 degrees F). The construction features stainless steel bellows, with a steel shroud and fittings.

The units for copper piping are rated for temperatures up to 204 degrees C (400 degrees F). They have stainless steel bellows and shroud with copper tube ends. 

Both types of expansion compensators are rated for working pressures up to 200 psi, and test pressures up to 300 psi. Special connection styles are available, such as sweat, weld and flanged.

Keystone expertise

Keystone Steam Supplies employs professionals with the experience and understanding to recommend the most appropriate expansion compensators. 

Simply tell Keystone what equipment you’re after and they will present you with options based on your specifications. Whether that means quoting the lowest cost, the fastest delivery or specific brand, Keystone will get you what you need.

To make the process as easy as possible, the company suggests that customers have information about their requirements on hand. Some of the factors to take into consideration include pipe size, working pressure, medium type, medium temperature, and overall uninterrupted straight length of pipe run.

Keystone Steam Supplies prides itself on its ability to be the single source solution for all types of steam and hydronic heating equipment, bringing 30 years of industry expertise towards helping you find the parts you need.


Keystone Steam Supplies

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