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Gould Fasteners offers a range of Essentra products for office equipment.

Gould Fasteners can supply a range of products from Essentra Components for use in office machines and equipment. A wide variety of hardware, fasteners and other small but vital parts for machine manufacturing is available. These products are used in equipment ranging from printers to routers. They offer the high quality and reliability that helps drive repeat purchases.

Office machine components

One example of the products available is driller/cable clips. These clips enable cable management with a range of mount types. They offer versatility that allows mounting in different positions and lengths to suit the application. For instance, long clips can be used to lift wires off the board and keep them away from hot components, while shorter clips can be used to handle space constraints. The different options for mount types range from snap-fit to snap-lock.

Also available are hinged locking clamps that can be easily opened and closed while mounting wires and cables. These clamps offer the same features as driller/cable clips, with the additional bonus of providing strain relief. That means they can protect wires and cables to keep the final product working reliably.

For a more permanent solution than cable ties, rapid cable wrap is available for organizing wires into a single bundle. This cable wrap provides rugged protection against wear and tear, and allows cables to be routed through slits in wrap at any point.

Manufacturer information

Essentra Components is a leading supplier of electronics hardware, protection products, packaging and securing solutions, and more. The company has a history dating back to the 1950s, and over the years has acquired a number of businesses that expanded its product offering and expertise. Some examples include Richco, Alliance and Reid Supply.

Customers can have complete confidence in products from Essentra Components, as Gould Fasteners inspects incoming products and holds all of its suppliers to a high standard of excellence. For more information, visit the Gould Fasteners website


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