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Gould Fasteners can supply a selection of electronic hardware from Richco Essentra Components.

Gould Fasteners is a distributor that prides itself on making it easy for its customers to purchase all types of fasteners and electronic hardware. Its wide selection includes a range of circuit board hardware from Richco (Essentra Components), a leading manufacturer of a variety of components, including board supports, wire saddles and card guides and pullers. 

Product features

Locking board supports from Richco (Essentra Components) are simple to install with no tools required. In the event that repairs are needed, the supports are conveniently releasable. The company supplies these supports in a wide range of different board and chassis hole size combinations.

Its vertical card guides and pullers feature a guide groove with two-rib construction that dampens vibrations and prevents shifting. These supports also have double channels that enable side-by-side mounting.

Wire saddles from Richco (Essentra Components) are designed for easy installation and secure holding. The saddles lift the wires off of the board, keeping them away from hot components and minimizing transient interference. They are capable of holding wires in any position and assuring precision routing.

Trustworthy manufacturing

Gould Fasteners works with an exceptionally large group of manufacturers — each well-known and trusted in the fastener industry. That’s because while Gould Fasteners is constantly expanding its group of suppliers, it also carefully selects which companies to work with. It only partners with companies that share its commitment to quality. 

“You can be sure, when purchasing from Gould Fasteners, that you are buying products that are setting the standards for quality,” it says.

To learn more about the wide range of high-quality electronic hardware available, visit the Gould Fasteners website.


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