REDwire Gould Fasteners offers RAF standoffs, shoulder screws and more

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RAF offers a range of electronic hardware, including custom designed products.

Gould Fasteners can supply a wide range of electronic hardware components from RAF. This electronic hardware is used in a variety of markets, such as computers, telecom, medical, entertainment and military.

Just some examples of the products available include standoffs, thumb screws, precision shoulder screws and custom hardware.

  • Standoffs are commonly used for PCB mounting. They are available in a variety of styles, including hex, round or square profiles with regular or swaged ends. Swages include plain or knurled shanks, and knurls can be front, back, or front and back-faced. These standoffs can be supplied in many types of materials, including aluminum, brass, steel and stainless steel.
  • Thumb screws offer the advantage of no tools required for assembly or disassembly. They are perfect for adding the finishing touch to equipment, such as front panels. They have diamond knurled head surfaces available in plain, push and washer face styles. They can be supplied in materials including aluminum, brass, steel and stainless steel, with more than 40 options for metallic finishes.
  • Precision shoulder screws are available in slotted and socket head types. They can be used as a precision spacer and bearing surface for many applications. Shoulder screws are available in brass, steel or stainless steel. They are manufactured to tight tolerances, and there are undercuts on each side of the shoulder, which guarantee perfect seating for a low friction assembly.
  • Custom designed hardware is available in many types, styles, materials, finishes, coatings and sizes.

Gould Fasteners distributes products from well-known and trusted manufacturers — companies like RAF, that take great care in ensuring its products are the highest quality. For more information, contact Gould Fasteners.


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