REDwire Gould Fasteners offers new Elesa handle with pneumatic drive

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The EBR-PN handle from Elesa can control a single- or double-acting actuator.

Gould Fasteners can supply the newly released EBR-PN handle with pneumatic drive from renowned manufacturer Elesa. This handle is designed for use with pneumatic equipment.

EBR-PN handle

The EBR-PN handle is designed for applications on doors and moving machine parts. The handle is constructed of a polyamide-based technopolymer that is reinforced with glass fibre. It has a push button that enables the direct drive of either a single- or double-acting pneumatic actuator.

There are several configurations available:

  • The EBR-PN-3/2-NO has a pneumatic valve that is normally open, and closes when the button is pushed.
  • The EBR-PN-3/2-NC has a pneumatic valve that is normally closed, and opens when the button is pushed.
  • The EBR-PN-5/2 has two air output channels, and pushing the button switches between the two.

The handle comes with quick couplings that allow direct fitting of a four-millimetre diameter tube for pneumatics. The operating pressure does not affect the amount of force needed to actuate the button, ensuring ease of use. The body of the handle is grey-black with a matte finish, and the push button is light blue with a glossy finish.

The handle is supplied already set up with discharge function of the pressure chamber. It has an operating pressure range from two to 10 bar, and working temperature range from -20 to 80 degrees C.

Manufacturer details

Elesa manufactures a wide range of components, such as latches, clamping levers, control elements, lift and pull handles, and much more. In fact, the company's offering includes more than 30,000 products. These products are designed to offer reliability, efficiency, ergonomics and safety.

For more information on the EBR-PN handle and the other Elesa products available, visit the Gould Fasteners website.


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