REDwire Gould Fasteners offers Micro Plastics’ wide range of nylon products

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Micro Plastics products are available from Gould Fasteners.

Gould Fasteners can provide a wide variety of nylon components from Micro Plastics Inc. From nuts and washers to panel fasteners and circuit board hardware, the company supplies many types of high-quality plastic products.

Product selection

Micro Plastics has a line of more than 20,000 different products. Just some of the fasteners and related products the company has experience with includes nuts, washers, hose clamps, cable ties, panel fasteners, hole plugs, thumb screw knobs, installation tools, insulators and spacers, and circuit board hardware.

The advantages of nylon fasteners

Nylon products from Micro Plastics offer many benefits, including resistance to corrosion, non-conductive properties, inherent design versatility, and high strength-to-weight ratio. Components made from nylon also conform to irregular surfaces and provide vibration dampening. In addition, switching from expensive metal parts to nylon components can provide significant cost savings. Micro Plastics typically moulds its products from nylon 6/6, but a variety of other materials are also available.

Manufacturer’s expertise

Micro Plastics has been making nylon fasteners for more than 50 years. In that time, it has grown to become the largest producer of threaded nylon fasteners in the world. The company operates its own tooling fabrication department outfitted with the latest machines and technology, including EDM, CNC mills, machine centers and finishing equipment. The department is staffed by skilled, knowledgeable professionals with custom moulding expertise. The company can also provide professional colour-matching and custom packaging services to meet customers’ special requirements. 

Gould Fasteners’ suppliers

Micro Plastics is one of a long list of manufacturers whose products are available from Gould Fasteners. In fact, Gould Fasteners constantly expands its group of suppliers so it can offer its clients a wide selection. But the company also carefully chooses which suppliers to work with. According to the company, all of its manufacturers are well-known in the fastener business and offer only the best products on the market. 

Contact Gould Fasteners to learn more about Micro Plastics or any of the other manufacturers it works with. 


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