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Gould Fasteners is proud to be an authorized distributor for Elesa’s vast product line, which features more than 30,000 products.

Quality is important to Gould Fasteners — so important that the Mississauga, Ont.-based company chooses only to work with manufacturers who have that same commitment to quality.

“You can be sure when purchasing from Gould Fasteners that you are buying products that are setting the standards for quality,” the company, which is ISO 9001:2008 registered with BSI, says. “We are constantly expanding our family of suppliers to provide our clients with the best products the industry can offer.”

One such supplier is Elesa, an innovator in the design and production of plastic and metal products for industry. Gould Fasteners is proud to be an authorized distributor for Elesa’s vast product line, which features more than 30,000 products — from clamping levers, clamping knobs, lift and pull handles, to fixed and revolving handles, latches and connecting clamps, to name a few.

Among the lineup is the Elesa Clean Line, which includes handles and knobs designed for medical and hospital equipment, operating rooms and hospital fittings. The products have a smooth surface, compact shape and lack of cavities, which makes cleaning operations easier because it decreases the chance of dirt, dust and machining residues. In addition, the AISI 303 stainless steel metal inserts are compliant with the most rigorous sanitary laws.

Elesa San Line handles are also available through Gould Fasteners. They prevent the deposit of undesired organisms, such as microbes, bacteria, mildew and fungi, which cause unpleasant odours, discoloration, degradation and the formation of biofilm on surfaces. The line features an inorganic antimicrobial additive that guarantees the inalterability of the antimicrobial feature for a long time, even after several cleaning cycles at high temperatures with soap and solvents. The San Line is ideal for medical and hospital equipment, machines for the food processing and pharmaceutical industry, and more.

Elesa’s quality-driven manufacturing has earned it 35 international awards, and its innovations have provided more than 150 patents worldwide.

To learn more about Elesa and its high-quality lineup, contact Gould Fasteners


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